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you make me smile.

21 October
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please stay with me tonight.

the name is serene.

in love with five gods of the east, seven six beastly idols, nine genies, thirteen juniors, four ballad singers who was wrong, six cutest pet-dols, five not-so-chic chic-dols and seven vampires that made me go round and round.

she loves her r.chord too!

a fangirl of kpop. this lj is mainly for her to spazz and talk about random stuff.

currently an undergraduate, majoring in chinese.

yes, it's chinese. dont be surprised.

she needs to stop spazzing about changmin, jun.k and chord as it is affecting her studies.

yet, they brings her happiness each time she sees them.

what a love-hate relationship, though it's 99.99% love.

dongbangshinki, fighting! tohoshinki, fighto!

serene, jiayou!


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