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10 October 2011 @ 12:32 am
This is  really random post.

Just watching Infinite's win on Inkigayo and I thought back on the journey they had.

I definitely did not like them from the start as Come Back Again is such an irritating song when you first hear it. Its the same as SISTAR's Push Push. Both were irritating and they came out at the same time. The thing is, these songs happen to be really nice and I am in love with both groups right now. Even though SISTAR hasn't won any award yet, their talent is undisputed.

Back to Infinite. I got into them during She's Back and that's why I realised Come Back Again is a really great and addictive song. So I've been following them since. I wasn't really around for BTD but I still managed to catch a couple of those performances. After all, I had a down period in Kpop and am still in the down period. I only watch performances of the groups that interests me eg 2PM, Super Junior, Homin, BEG, SHINee and Soshi. 

I am not open to new groups or Kpop. I consider myself as an old fan and those that debut this year are totally out of my sight.

Anyways, Infinite winning today really makes me happy to see how much they have grown over the past year. I hope they continue to do well and go on to achieve big things in the future.

For now, I shall stick to my 2PM and get my fandom right. That is all that I am left with.

Once a Hottest, always a Hottest. That will never change for my love for Jun.K will never change.
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